Month: September 2019

Ube Chiffon Cake

I’m currently obsessed with chiffon cakes. They are a light and fluffy cross between a butter cake and an angel food cake. The most interesting thing about chiffon cakes is that they are made with a non-solid fat, such as vegetable oil, to give… Continue Reading “Ube Chiffon Cake”

Cedar trunk remake

My remodel and DIY projects are hit or miss at best. I almost always have fun with them, but they aren’t always successful. A while ago (read, about three years) I bought this awesome trunk at an estate sale next door for $12.50. I… Continue Reading “Cedar trunk remake”

Southern Blackberry Cobbler

Happy Labor Day! It is day full of beaches, pools, grills, eats, drinks, family and friends. Most of the United States celebrates this day as the end of summer. Here in the South, it means NOTHING though. Today will not end summer. Summer will… Continue Reading “Southern Blackberry Cobbler”