Traveling in Colorado – Part 2

The Great Sand Dunes…ever heard of them? Nope? Well neither had I. The location was listed on the Things You Must See in the United States bucket list I found and it seemed like fun.

Now Alamosa, Colorado, is about a four hour drive from Denver, but let me tell you, this place it worth it. My mind still can’t fully comprehend all that I saw and when I got my pictures downloaded it is even more boggled. I’m not going to write too much, other than to warn you about photo overload (I couldn’t pick just one or two) and to tell you that I did NO photo editing to these other than resizing them for the web and adding the watermarks. I didn’t adjust the colors, change the curves or mess with the clarity. There are also no filters — just the images straight off my trusty Canon Rebel.

Also, sorry about the watermarks, but people can be jerks and can take things that don’t belong to them and claim it as their own. I worked hard for these images and am not giving them up without a fight! 🙂

It is about a 20 mile drive down this road…beautiful scenery up ahead.

The dunes are kinda hidden behind this wall of trees. And then…

You can walk out as far as your body can go, but there are no vehicles or ATVs allowed on the sand. I got about a mile out in the ankle deep sand before I wore smooth out and still had to slog the mile back. Holy cow was it worth the sore muscles though!

See the tiny people!?! They were “sand boarding” down the dunes!

Again…no retouching. It just LOOKS like a painting!

If you get a chance, it is worth the four hour drive down from Denver. My legs may never forgive me, but I coming back someday and I’m making it to the top next time!

I followed up the trip with supper and a drink at San Luis Valley Brewing. The ruben was excellent (I forgot a picture) and the Valle Caliente Green Chile Lager was a little strange…I didn’t expect spicy beer to be a thing.

Love, Misty

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