A First Time For Everything

“So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

~ Mark Twain

Why am I here? Pretty big question to answer. Heck, why are any of us here? Mainly because God put me here and gave me a set of talents and told me to use them to glorify Him. I’ve spent 35 years trying to figure out exactly how to glorify Him with the talents I was given. I can’t really sing. I can’t play an instrument — I REALLY want to learn to play the piano well enough to help out at church, but I’m scared to even try because years ago I was gently and lovingly told it wasn’t for me by my piano teacher (mainly because I couldn’t sit still and she was too sweet to tie me to the bench). I’m not really the best witness for Him because I fail Him every single day. 

That said, however, I can cook. And I can write. And I even think I’m kinda funny in a weird and quirky you-really-need-to-be-my-friend-and-love-me sort of way. Yeah, see what I did there, AP? I used a LOT of hyphens even though you told me not to because I’m protesting that particular move. Stand strong my writing friends! I also have an insane job that takes me to crazy places and introduces me to crazy people and allows me to spread my wings every single day about as wide as I wish. 

Horny Mike and Kevin from Count’s Kustom with me at SEMA 2018

I also like to believe I’m handy, but that usually gets me into the most insane situations ever with the most ridiculous results possible. I try to sew – usually with mixed success. And I like taking pictures — not like a professional, but for fun and to document where I have been! 

Grand Canyon South Rim

Several of my family members and friends have been bugging me to start a blog just to share the stupid things I get into. I have wanted to as well for a long while, but have stopped myself because isn’t it the height of hubris to assume anyone wants to hear what you have to say? You know, oh well. Maybe this is the platform I’m supposed to use to proclaim the glory of my Maker. 

So here we go! I warn you upfront, I often ramble — you haven’t caught that yet, right? — and I often fail at the projects I try on my first try, but isn’t the key to success to just not give up? I think that is also the definition of crazy, but who the heck cares. Life is about perspective, right??? Don’t you hate all the posts that just seem like they are perfect every time on the first go out of the gate? I want to know how many times you failed before you got it right because maybe I don’t even want to try this!

FAILED and gave up on macrons after three attempts

So here are some things I’m going to focus on: 

  • Food — things I make along with the recipes and pictures so you can make them yourself
  • Travel — what am I seeing that you need to experience and what I wish someone would have told me to skip
  • Pictures — I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert, but hey, if I can do it, so can you!!! 
  • Bible studies I’m currently enjoying — the whole world could use a little non-judgemental Jesus, I promise 🙂 

I really hope you want to join me on this journey and I hope that you tell your friends as well. I cannot promise it is going to be pretty, but I promise to laugh if you will! 

Love, Misty

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